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On a summer getaway to Clear Lake, IA we get another opportunity to experience the beauty of the landscape, the charming town & the waterfront attractions. We just love the west coast vibe this quaint little spot offers. On our first day, we get checked into the Airbnb. We stayed at the Island Park Loft; which was nice, but not quite what we expected. It was conveniently located within walking distance of the lake. I'll give you a tour of those accommodations. In this video, I also compare the cost of this stay to the RCI timeshare that we have as well. Unfortunately, there are no RCI resorts in IA. But if you do a lot of vacationing, then this information is definitely worth your consideration.

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Ep. #569 Clear Lake IA: Part 1 - Airbnb & On the Water

Buy the XR55 Gold's Gym here (Pretty much the same thing as the Weider 6900, just different branding) http://...%2055%20Home%20Exercise%20Gold%27s%20Gym&linkCode=ur2&tag=thjoosh-20&linkId=XYDS5UL2VYCALDHX This is quick video featuring the unboxing, setting-up, and brief review of the Weider Pro 6900 home gym. Everything that came with this great little home gym cost us $299 plus tax, and that
Buy the XR55 Gold's Gym here (Pretty much the same thing as the Weider 6900, just different branding) http://...%2055%20Home%20Exercise%20Gold%27s%20Gym&linkCode=ur2&tag=thjoosh-20&linkId=XYDS5UL2VYCALDHX If you're having issues with the cables on the Weider Pro 6900 gym reaching the weights, this video is pretty self explanatory. You may have some of the cables ran the wrong direction or
During our 1st week of Transform with Chris and Heidi - which a few days were killer - we also went on a weekend get away for some friends' anniversary, in Clear Lake, Iowa. It was my first time in the town, and it reminded me of some quaint, West coast town, and I loved it. Great food, beautiful lake, charming city, and good friends. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://...
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Everybody needs to get healthier. Especially us. So we're trying the 21 Day Fix by Beach Body, and see where that gets us. We explain the product and what's involved in the diet - such as its portion control. It's very straightforward and simple. I think this is going to save us a lot of money and going to get us to be healthier and happier. The workouts ARE brutal. Really brutal. Thank goodness
So this is mine and Robin's final review of the 21 Day Fix by Beach Body. The food was great; we were never hungry in the slightest. Of course we couldn't eat out as much, but when we did we made very wise decisions and we went to a lot of social gatherings that involved food. Proud to say we didn't cheat once the entire time. Robin lost as much as 17 pounds. I lost 11 pounds by the end of it,
So we weren't able to keep the video updates regular, so here we are at day 11, September 19th. But 11 days in - my weight fluctuated a bit, but it seems I lost about 8lbs. I've noticed a little bit of physical change, but not much. And while I don't necessarily feel *stronger*, the workouts have gotten easier than they were before. So, all in all, this diet as been working nicely for me. Help
Day 3 of our 21 Day Fix. I'm actually down 4lb already but I'm sure that's just water weight. This video is just our breakfast, but we had a few egg cups (like small omelets). They were reheated but they were still good. They counted for 1 green (vegetable) and 1 red (protein) portion for the day. Help us caption & translate this video! http://... Subscribe: http://... Check out our site:
Today, which is day 2 of our 21 Day Fix, I mainly show you what we're having for meals - there is lots of food and it's all good. And I mean *really* good. This is a great diet. Help us caption & translate this video! http://... Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://...
On our 50th day, we wanted to go back to the beautiful Trees of Mystery and check out the museum and also, drive through a tree. :-) Before that, though, we ate at “A GOOD PLACE TO EAT” - which is the Woodland Villa restaurant. It was very nice and quaint, and had a good selection of beer, yummy pizza, and friendly service. Then our visit to the museum was enjoyable, and trying to drive
So the second part of our 49th day focused on our hike down the Trees of Mystery Wilderness Trail... what a treacherous trail that was. It was an incredibly steep hike back down, and it took a lot of energy and time. I still think it's worth it, though. The Trees of Mystery was very enjoyable experience for us. Then we got to see the incredible Redwood carvings on the Trail of Tall Tales, and
During the first part of the 49th day of our trip, we visit the Trees of Mystery near Kamp Klamath. It was a very beautiful adventure through the Redwood forest, seeing all the incredible trees and nature. Then we took the gondola to the top, and decided we’d be able to do the hike down to the bottom. So you’ll see how we do in part 2. ;-) Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot
Day 48 we finally left the state of Oregon and headed on our way to California. We admire the ocean on our drive to our next campground - which is a complete dream. We got a site for $20 a day at Kamp Klamath right in the beautiful Redwood Forest, very close to the beach. AND we have USABLE INTERNET. :-D So we drove to the beach and the High Bluff Overlook and did some exploring of the beautiful
Our 47th day was spent exploring the Brookings, OR area: we visit Arch Rock and enjoy the view there. Then just a few turns away is a little parking area to hike down to Secret Beach, but... why can't I find it? It took quite a bit of investigating to figure it out, but I finally did. So, if you're as confused as I was, here's some pointers. After the attempts to reach the Secret Beach, we go to
Our 46th day was a "take it easy" day: we mostly stayed in or around the Turtle Rock RV resort. I got some work done, and all four of us (doggies included) are missing home quite a bit. The night before we ate dinner at the Tortuga Mexican Bar and Grill, which was pretty good... but we miss Sombrero. ;-) And then tonight we tried the Hunter Creek Bar & Grill (in the video I mistakenly call it
Our 45th day I show you around the pretty awesome Turtle Rock RV resort we stayed at in Gold Beach, OR - some of the sites even have their own hot tubs. :-) And we of course visit the beach and see Turtle Rock up close. Unfortunately, it was incredibly windy, and I didn't really enjoy getting blasted by sand. But, it wasn't a bad day. ;-) Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: