Come join my family and I on our many adventures and follow Robin on her weight loss journey. I post tutorials and reviews on various subjects such as Premier Pro, the GoPro, Hotel Reviews, etc. You will also find covers that I have made using my Tyros 4, as well as original compositions.

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A music video about a father watching his daughter grow up; the passage of time and memories.
Equipment used Yamaha MO6 synth, Phonic Helix 18 mixer, Samson CL8 mic, Presonus tube pre-amp, Samson S-COM plus Compressor/Limiter/Gate/Desser, Cubase 4LE.

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Ep. #139 Yesterday - Song of a Father Watching His Child Grow up: Audio Remastered

***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... *** This next meal was the shrimp pomodoro with fresh tomatoes, parmesan, and garlic bread. It wasn't as saucy as I personally prefer, but Robin & I gave it a 6. Next dish is the mozzarella-stuffed chile rellenos burger, so we'll see where that rates in. :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook:
***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... *** We've gotten another 3 dishes from Home Chef, and the first Tiana has prepared is the avocado and tofu sushi bowl with carrots, cucumber, and spicy mayo. This vegetarian meal wasn't my favorite... Tiana and I gave it a 3, and Robin gave it 4, trying to look at it from the perspective of a person who is vegetarian, and
The following day, I do a little more testing and playing with the W6LVP magnetic loop antenna... Even though I still have some issues with noise using this antenna, for the most part, it's done an exceptional job, and it is definitely a keeper! :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #hamradio #antenna #W6LVP
So where I live in town, my radio suffers from a tremendous amount of noise. I got a W6LVP amplified receive-only, magnetic loop antenna. I compare channels and positions with and without the loop, and see what is working best. It was an interesting experiment. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #hamradio #antenna #W6LVP
***** Order your box of Cascade Professional Fryer Boil Out here: http://... ***** After having to replace my old dishwasher, I found that my new one just wasn't getting the job done. Doing some research, I found out more dishwasher detergents no long contain phosphates, which could have been the cause of my cloudy, grimy dishes. So I ordered some Cascade Professional Fryer Boil Out detergent. It
***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... *** Second meal from our most recent box of Home Chef is the sweet chili garlic shrimp, with bok choy stir-fry and jasmine rice. This one wasn't my favorite, mainly because I'm not a big fan of carrots... But Robin really enjoyed it, and besides the carrots, it was another great recipe. Always looking forward to the next
***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... *** Another box of Home Chef has come our way, and the first meal Tiana prepared was the ranch steak and jalapeño popper fritters with fresh corn and cheddar cheese. This was another really good meal from Home Chef - again, I don't think I can recommend this company enough. It's sure to please. The next meal is the sweet
So the day of the 2017 solar eclipse, I decided to give the Solar Eclipse QSO Party (SEQP) contest a try. All things go: digital, phone, whisper, etc - whatever you can work, you can count. The contest's main goal is to see how the eclipse affects radio waves, so it was a pretty interesting experiment. Even though we couldn't see the eclipse here in Iowa, the contest was pretty successful for me,
Brittain and I decided to give the ARRL Rookie Roundup RTTY contest. Even though we spent a few hours, we only made about 10 contacts that were actually doing the contest. So, we discovered that RTTY is actually extremely difficult, and there's so much noise... Definitely something that's gonna take some perfecting. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://...
Our last day in Branson for our 8th anniversary celebration. We visited the Promised Land Zoo, which with the VIP Plus package, this was by far the best zoo experience Robin and I have ever had. And we've gone to a LOT of zoos. Without the VIP Plus, it was about an average zoo, but if you visit Branson, definitely recommend the VIP/VIP Plus package. Completely worth it. We took a look at The
Day 4 of our 8 year anniversary trip: Robin and I take a leisure day and just find ourselves doing whatever we please - and that happened to be eating at Mel's Hard Luck Diner for lunch, and OutBack Steak & Oyster Bar for dinner. Also giving the Pepper Palace a visit, and then thoroughly enjoying The Run Away Mountain Coaster. It was a good day for us, while the girls enjoyed the Iowa State Fair,
Day 3 of our anniversary, the kids spent the day shopping in Des Moines, and then visiting Adventure Land. Robin and I went on the Ride the Ducks Tour - which Robin especially enjoyed - and to the Branson Belle, which neither of us particularly enjoyed. Overall, a good day for both us and the girls. :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow
Second day away in Branson, the girls don't do much except visit the Dari Barn in Grinnell. ;-) While Robin and I check out the Branson farmers market, then go to attend out free show at the Grand Country Music Hall, watching the Comedy Jamboree. We didn't know if we were going to stay and watch the entire thing, but it turned out pretty good. :-) Then to end the night we went and saw The
Robin and I head to Branson, MO for our 8 year anniversary celebration, for a little get-away from Newton and the kids. ;-) The first day was mostly driving and checking into the hotel, we ate at the Burger Shack and then went and saw the Clay Cooper's Show. And as for the girls, well, just nonsense as usual. :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://...
So, after smoking Britt's first CW board that she assembled, we gave it another try, replacing the pieces I fried with new ones, hoping that would fix all the issues. Well, it didn't. But it wasn't entirely a waste; we did come a step or two closer to putting together a fully functioning CW transceiver. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow
The girls' friend Izzie performs at the 2017 Iowa State Fair in the Fiddlers' Contest; she did an outstanding job, placing second in her category. Then the girls happened to stumble upon Channel 13 News' Ed Wilson at the Fair and got on TV. Tiana was very excited, you can even seeing her dabbing at one point preceding the interview. ;-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://...