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A summer day spent at Rock Creek with the family.

This is some footage I shot when I first got my GoPro, and boy it was BAD. It's still quite shaky but the pre-edit footage was much much worse as if I had drank 400 cups of coffee.

So took the opportunity to try some tests on this footage to see if I could learn something from it.

First was all this footage was 30fps except the parts that were recorded for slow motion (when using the GoPro for playing catch in the lake, which in this video I did not do any stabilization on at all) .

The problem with that is at the time I did not realize 30fps GoPro footage stabilizes really, really poorly; I generally try to film at at least 48fps unless I have the camera mounted on a tripod or something that keeps an object at a fixed point of reference so that you don't need to stabilize.

In any case, not only did I have all this really jerky footage it was all 30fps so normally I can't stabilize it without it even getting more jittery.

Well, for some reason while doing this I put all the 30fps footage in a 60fps sequence so all the frames were doubled, and to my surprise I was able to actually get it to be stabilized.
Again when you watch this you will say you don't see any stabilization but the original footage was SOOOOOOO much worse. Again, imagine if you were just holding the GoPro in your hand, no handle mount, and had just drank 400 cups of coffee; it was really that bad.
Anyway, because it was that bad I was still only able to warp stabilize at 1% with Detailed Analyzing on but it shows a lot of promise - at 60fps it looked really good actually, of course I had to drop it down for YouTube so it's not as good but instead of a jittery affect you can sometimes see where it looks like it dropped some frames so it's not smooth motion, but still much better then the jittery look.
This was my first attempt. Now that I know I can stabilize 30fps and not have the jitter by putting it in a 60fps sequence then nesting that and then stabilizing that at 60fps and not get jittery I will do more recording at 30fps and see if I can perfect it.

Then at the end the video when I get out of the lake and we are on the beach its 2.7k and the part with the deer it was almost black out. In fact, in the trees it was black you could not even see the deer so I was playing around, seeing if I could improve that. Still looks bad, but again this video became more of a test project then anything for me because all the footage was so bad.

You can also see the jittery affect I am referring to in the deer seen; does not look like the ides works for really dark footage where the shutter is open a long time and there is a lot of blurring, that still does not stabilize well .

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Ep. #131 Rock Creek - Netwon, IA

Finally part 2 of our preparing the house for air conditioning. In this video I install the air handler. The handler is a Goodman ARUF18B14 model, and we also work on setting up the sub breaker box we bought. But by the end of the video, I almost completely have an air conditioning system installed. Goodman ARUF18B14 #thejohnnyoshow #JohnOrjias #airconditioning #centralair #subbreakerbox
My 4th day of driving for Uber, again I'm experimenting with different techniques to get more money - putting up a sign to encourage tip-giving, also advertising my website in the process. ;-) And I had my bonus from Uber this day, as well. It was a very slow day, and I go a bit off a tangent. I give several tips of insight into the whole Uber business. To get your first Uber ride free, or to
I'm seeing what is the best strategic way to go about this whole Uber deal, and I think I'm getting a good idea of how to do it. ;-) This day started out slow, but I ended up getting a good day out of it. I think I found a good method. Uber is a good plan to make extra, immediate cash, or if you're in between jobs. But it's definitely not a step up for a full time career. To get your first Uber
What I've learned from Uber, is that when you're in a pinch - you can get money by the end of the day. So, it's good for a backup. However, this day was quite the bust. I had to run a bunch of errands, and I was not well prepared. Had I been more organized and knew what I was going to end up doing in Des Moines, things would have run smoothly. But I still made money off of it. Regardless, I've
Mike and I wanted to give Uber a try, so that's what we did. It started off a slow day, but it turned into a decent day. Including gas and everything else, I made approximately $12.50 an hour. Mike made about $10. It was a very enjoyable and easy experience - it was just a standard week day rush hour, from 4:00-7:00 PM. Not as busy as it could been, but still decent money for what would be
I was contacted by Viter to try and review their product, Viter Energy breath mints. So, this is my sincere review of the product. It's kinda a hit and miss maybe? They worked great for me, at least. So give them a try. :-) Check out the product at their website: http://... Buy Viter Energy Breath Mints from our Amazon store found on our promotions page at: http://... #review #energy #amazon
The final installment of our family vacation to South Padre Island, Texas this year. It was a nice, laid-back vacation, at that. Very enjoyable for everyone. We stayed at the Inverness resort, which was nice enough - it allowed pets and that's why we initially chose it; we intended on bringing our dogs. There were some cockroaches... that may or may not be a problem everywhere down there, I'm not
This is the last day we spent on South Padre Island before departing to San Antonio, and then from there, home. We got a good deal on some night fishing with Breakaway Cruises again. It wasn't too bad - some of us had better luck catching fish than others, but it was a nice experience. After we got back from fishing around 10, we were all starving. Robin & Tiana weren't up for going out, but the
The 4th part of our trip to South Padre Island, TX. This video features our first time snorkeling. We were worried the water would be to muddy to see very much, but it was surprisingly pretty clear. It was very enjoyable for everyone. After that we headed back to Isla Blanca Park and did some fishing and exploring on the beach there. Then we went on an evening dolphin watch tour which was a lot
Day 3 of our family vacation to South Padre Island, Texas. We didn't do much this day, but Tiana wanted doughnuts from Captain Donut that she spotted the first day in. They didn't have a very wide selection when they got there, however the doughnuts were delicious. Definitely stop there at some point, hopefully there will be a wider selection when you go, but just as good. We did a lot of hanging
Next day of our vacation on South Padre Island, we decided to rent ourselves a golf cart. It's something we noticed a lot of people doing and it looked like it'd be fun, so we gave it a try. :-) It was a really enjoyable experience; very laid-back & we just went wherever we wanted, it was great. We drove through the Isla Blanca Park - which is $10 admission with a vehicle; it's free to just walk
Here's the first few days of our 2016 family vacation to South Padre Island, Texas. These days were spent mostly out on the beach, eating and browsing through gift shops. We review our resort and the couple restaurants we went to: Senor Donkey Mexican Restaurant and Daddy's Seafood & Cajun Kitchen. Featured in this video: http://... http://... Help us caption & translate this video!
Here's the final part #3 in a 3 part series on how to configure and enable serial/com ports in snappy for a Beaglebone Black board. This tutorial will explain how to build custom snappy core images that include everything you want. You learn how to make an oem.snap image with the new device tree that was created enabling the serial/com ports as outlined in the previous video tutorials. See what
This tutorial is the continuation from part #1 for enabling serial/com ports for the Beagle Bone Black, running Ubuntu snappy core 15.04. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a new BBB .dtb file to include content that will enable support for multiple serial/com ports on the BBB. To start, download the current armhf device file and go to the assets directory. Next, go to the .dtbs
In this tutorial you will learn how to enable the serial/com ports on a BeagleBone Black running with a Debian OS. I give you the steps needed to enable the serial/com ports on the BBB by editing the uEnv.txt file to include the .dtbo (device tree overlay) files, found under the /lib/firmware directory. This will allow the OS to recognize or enable the ports on the BBB for use. The information in
I was commissioned to film a video for a walkthrough of a house for sale. The entire video was filmed with only one camera, but many varying angles. This brief video shows how I did it, using one camera, patience, and Premiere Pro to stitch it all together. Watch the video featured here: http://... http://... Help us caption & translate this video! http://... Subscribe: http://... Check