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My 4th day of driving for Uber, again I'm experimenting with different techniques to get more money - putting up a sign to encourage tip-giving, also advertising my website in the process. ;-) And I had my bonus from Uber this day, as well.
It was a very slow day, and I go a bit off a tangent. I give several tips of insight into the whole Uber business.

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Ep. #297 Don't Get Scammed! Driving for Uber - Day #4

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This video is simply some more clarification regarding the usage of the MFJ-1026 noise and interference canceling enhancer with my W6LVP magnetic loop receive antenna. I have previously said some things that are not accurate, so I wanted to clear things up a little bit. :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #MFJ1026
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Since I made a successful contact on 80 meters now that I have enough power and 2 tuners, I of course wanted to try it again. In this video I showcase the contacts I was able to make on 80 meters on digital modes. Then I ramble about my opinions on the Yaesu FT-817ND and the FT-891, and I discuss other various amateur radio equipment that I've been using, and the pros and cons of them.
i got myself the Jetstream JTPS45 45 amp power supply to run my 100W - and actually use all 100 watts - Yaesu FT-891 radio. And it was successful in doing that. And then I tested transmitting on 80 meters, using my AT-120 manual tuner, I was able to make a contact. It was only 217 miles away, but still, my first real opportunity on 80 meters. So despite that awful conditions, but I was able to
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Cory Brada, who once upon a time worked for a radio station and has experience in interviewing boring people like me ;-), decided to give me a feature on his podcast Brada's Branded Thoughts. It was a lot of fun talking about myself, unsurprisingly. ;-) And I think Cory did a good job making me interesting, so if you're interested in learning more about my career, hobbies and personal life, this
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I recently purchased the Kenwood HS-5 Communications headphones in order to help in cleaning up the audible interference I get on my Yaesu radio. I try my best to explain the headphones' audio quality and I review the built of the actual headphones, and I compare its audio to that of the radio's audio. In short, I would recommend these headphones. ;-) Hope you find this review useful! Subscribe:
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