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Next step for the renovation of our home's old porch is adding the wall texture and painting. This isn't exact an "how to" on applying texture, but Chris and I found it relatively simple to do and we share some tips with you.

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Ep. #542 Our Home Renovation: Wall Texturing & Painting

On a summer getaway to Clear Lake, IA we get another opportunity to experience the beauty of the landscape, the charming town & the waterfront attractions. We just love the west coast vibe this quaint little spot offers. On our first day, we get checked into the Airbnb. We stayed at the Island Park Loft; which was nice, but not quite what we expected. It was conveniently located within walking
I finally finish all of the repairs that I found needed attention, replacement or modification in our Geo Pro camper - at least thus far! In this video I show you how I fixed a faulty decorative screen that hides everything under the bed; in addition to completing the final touches on the stereo issue. Then I recap the repairs that I discussed in this & the previous 3 videos, mainly all due to
One of the repairs that were necessary to our new Geo Pro camper was the proper wiring of the stereo system. In this video, I'll show you how I corrected the problem for about $10 & with minimal manual labor. I'm glad it was a cheap fix but it never should have come out of the factory like this. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow
On our trip to Lake Red Rock, IA I discovered the glass of the oven door in our Geo Pro camper was coming off the track at the bottom. So I needed to find a solution to that before it fell out entirely. After a little trial & error, I realized what the actual cause of it was. We'll see what happens on the next trip, but in the meantime it appears to have been resolved. Also in this video I give
Right before our annual camping trip to Lake Red Rock, I discovered yet another problem with the Geo Pro - The stereo system/fader not working the way it's supposed to. I found an inexpensive way to correct the issue without replacing the entire unit. In addition, I discovered some other minor details that can use some preventative measures and I'll give you my recommendations for those.
Summing up our trip, I give a more in-depth review of our Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBS. After camping in it for a few nights, I discovered some interesting things about it and I'm able to give a more accurate review of the Geo Pro 19FBS. With that, we finish up our little trip exploring Northern Illinois, and head on back home to Iowa. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook:
To start off our second day, I discover that the inverter that came with the Geo Pro 19FBS camper does not charge the unit. Any power that is being stored is from the sun, and you cannot charge off of AC, which was a very good thing to discover. Then we stopped at Nonie's Bakery & Cafe in North Utica and had a delicious lunch and dessert. ;-) We then explored around town and did some hiking,
For our first time taking the Geo Pro camping, we head to Illinois and check out Starved Rock State Park. Our first day there consists of traveling and then finally setting up our camp site, which I run through all the steps entailed in doing so. We picked a perfect time to go camping, too - nothing but thunderstorms and tornadoes. ;-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://...
For many, many years I have wanted a camper to call my own. And finally, I have achieved that goal. :-) Robin and I spent hours looking for a camper that was light enough for our 2019 Honda Pilot to tow, but featured all the amenities and comforts of a larger camper. What we discovered was the Geo Pro 19FBS by Rockwood. This video features a walkthrough of the Geo Pro, and my first impressions of
Robin went to Branson, MO recently and she brought me back a couple treats from Pepper Palace: Original Garlic X-Hot Salsa with ghost pepper, and The End with habanero and reaper peppers. I was very excited to try them. Robin said the X-Hot salsa was disgustingly hot, but I thought it had the perfect amount of heat. It was really good, actually. I wasn't going to try The End that same night, but
Linda tells us a little about the twist and shout hydrangeas that she's planted in our garden. They survived our bad winter and she's cleaning them up a little bit by removing the old heads, and hopefully the lacecap hydrangea's new buds will bloom before too long. :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #landscaping #gardening
Week 7 of our basement remodel, we begin tackling the electrical. And, very quickly, we realize why people get rid of all the wiring when renovating old houses. A lot of the electrical work was done very poorly, and much of it won't be used. So, it's really best to just clean it all out and start fresh. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow
So after a hard, long and COLD winter, spring has *basically* arrived late in April, and Linda is back to landscaping our front and back yards. She makes an assessment of what has survived and what has thrived despite the bad winter. We're making some beautiful progress and we all look forward to seeing her plans for the summer unfold. :-) Thank you, Linda! Subscribe: http://... Check out our
This is week 6 of our basement remodel project. In this phase we're focused on framing the new walls. It took some trial and error, but we figured out the best way to do it for our home. So, if you're trying to renovate your old home's basement, maybe you'll find some of our suggestions useful. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow
Brittain and I started on another project a few months back, attempting to make a new timer for the LED motion sensor lights I have installed in our home's kitchen. They go off after a minute if there isn't any movement, so needless to say it gets kind of frustrating when someone is doing dishes or is in the middle of making a meal and the lights go off. So here's our first attempt at creating a
***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... *** An eventful evening was spent preparing another Home Chef meal. In this video, we cooked and reviewed the Cowboy steak sandwich with chile-cumin oven fries. I gave the dish an 8, I thought it was fantastic. It wasn't Robin's favorite, but as she ate it, her rating went up. ;-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: