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On our trip to Lake Red Rock, IA I discovered the glass of the oven door in our Geo Pro camper was coming off the track at the bottom. So I needed to find a solution to that before it fell out entirely. After a little trial & error, I realized what the actual cause of it was. We'll see what happens on the next trip, but in the meantime it appears to have been resolved. Also in this video I give you a tip on the fridge.

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Ep. #566 Geo Pro 19FBS Repairs: Part 2 - Repairing the Oven Door

Finally, the 18th day of our trip doesn't involve working on the camper. I talk about a few of the local businesses that I appreciate in Delta, Colorado, like Clubb's and Ace Hardware. We also enjoy another Home Chef meal - Nashville hot chicken tacos - with my family. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot ***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... ***
The best part of the 17th day was getting some great pizza for dinner, from my favorite pizza place in Delta, Daveto's. :-) But for the not so fun stuff of the day, I finished putting the final touches on the weBoost install. I also made a modification to the access panel that is below the bed. I then discover the core issue with Rockwood's camper, is that they don't know how to use power tools.
On the 16th day, I finally start seeing results from the weBoost in the very early morning. I've come to the conclusion that Verizon has bandwidth issues in Delta, CO, that no amount of signal strength will resolve. But I have verified enough at this point that the weBoost does actually help, I just will still need to continue working out a final solution. I go ahead and start the mounting
Before departing on our adventure, I ordered a food box from Home Chef to be delivered to my mom's house in Delta. So on the night of day 15, we finally got around to preparing a meal: the beef mexi-mac and cheese skillet. I helped a little bit, but I mostly there for moral support. :-) I tell the story about what happened to Lulu, and why we had to give her a new funky haircut. I also find out
The 15th day of our trip was a very long day, full of upgrades and repairs... I ordered a weBoost cell signal booster, which arrived in the mail, as well as the replacement toilet from Dometic. Getting the toilet changed out is a pretty straight forward and simple process, however I ran into a lot of frustration with the weBoost. I worked way past midnight trying to get things resolved, but I
Just a note: the water miser should only be used if NOT connected to city water. On day 14 of our trip, I discover how you can use the shower water miser as a fresh water tank heater. I also start getting the wires ran for the tank heaters, and get the heater pads ordered from Amazon. After I take care of that, we go to the Stoney Mesa Winery, which has a fantastic selection of delicious wines. I
Our 13th day of the trip was our second day spent in Delta - and I focus on taking care of some important things regarding our Rockwood travel trailer. I made a phone call to Dometic to get some information on our toilet; we decided to purchase a better model from them, that should arrive before we leave Delta. It'll just be struggle to deal with the smell until then... Then I move on to mounting
On our way to Delta, we traveled up and over the mountainous Monarch Pass on the 12th day of our trek. I was very worried about how our 2018 Honda Pilot would do hauling our Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBS through the mountains. But it handled like a dream - no problems whatsoever! I'm confident there isn't anything our Pilot can't handle. ;-) I also review some new items I purchased for the camper:
The 11th day of our trip we say goodbye to Teresa & Rocky and depart from Woodland Park and take the scenic way to the Royal Gorge in Cañon City. I wanted to test out what driving through the mountains would be like, and it turned out much better than I anticipated. While we had a few gripes with the Royal Gorge, - like the Plaza Theater, the Bridge View BBQ was out of food, their shaved ice was
Our 10th day on our journey, we're still with Rocky and Teresa, and we spend the day exploring the quaint Manitou Springs. It was a lot of fun perusing all the shops and enjoying the sights. And we had a great dinner at The Loop. And if you're visiting the magnificent Garden of the Gods, stop in Manitou Springs as well. :-) Additionally, I discovered the issue with the smell in the camper's
The 9th day of our trip was jam-packed: starting off the day at The Donut Mill in Woodland Park with Robin's mom, Teresa, and Rocky - then we spent some time in the surrounding areas, including Cripple Creek and Victor, Colorado. We got some treats from 9494: Gifts with Altitude, and Cripple Creek Candy & Variety. And we explored the town of Victor, where my great-great grandfather once
On our 8th day of our adventure, we did some hiking at the beautiful Seven Falls. Robin couldn't tackle the hike the last time she was there, but this time around, she was able to conquer it. We made it all the way to Inspiration Point, and after our long hike we ate at the delicious Restaurant 1858. You'll definitely enjoy it after a few hours of intense hiking. :-) We had a wonderful time in
During the 7th day of our trip I discover another small issue with our Rockwood GeoPro 19FBS camper: the window shades. The strip of plastic at the bottom of the shades is easily pulled off, and so I found a simple solution to the problem. Additionally, the screws and brackets holding the shades in place were doing virtually nothing where they were placed, so I fixed that issue, as well. I also
So on the 6th day of our trip, boondocking in Fountain, Colorado proved to be a little stressful: our internet connect was basically nonexistent and I discovered our WiFiRanger Sky4 does close to nothing to enhance the signal. The connection got better has the night went on, but I had to improvise in the meantime. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: http://... Check out our
The 5th day of our trip was our final day in South Dakota and we also said our goodbyes to Britty. We ended in Hot Springs visiting the incredible mammoth site found there. That was quite the experience. Then we began our trek to our next stop, Colorado. I also offer some good tips regarding gas mileage and how to avoid any potential problems transporting your generator. Towing a Rockwood Geo
On the 4th day of our trip, Jay, Candace and their family headed for home, and so it was just myself, Robin and Britty left to enjoy our last full day in South Dakota. We started the day by visiting Bear Country USA, recommended to us by Cory and Tiana. ;-) At first we weren't sure how much we'd enjoy it, especially Robin with her poor vision, but we ended up loving it. Definitely a place to