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The 26th day of our adventure, we took a drive around the beautiful Antelope Island. Lots of buffalo, lots of bugs. I captured some really gorgeous footage.
On another good note: the internet is working, the generator is working, RotopaX tank is working. Nothing more has broke. :-)
Later that evening for dinner we go into the city and eat at Crown Burgers. I enjoyed it, but Robin was on the fence. For a fast food restaurant, I thought it was better than most other burger places out there. It was a very good day.

Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot

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Ep. #620 Our 12 Week Adventure | Day 26: Exploring Antelope Island, UT

For our 39th day, we travel from Seaside through Astoria, Oregon; the hometown of The Goonies. We ate at the Rusty Cup, which was a delightful place with good coffee and delicious sandwiches. Robin was very happy with it. :-) Then we longingly drive past The Goonies house. Then we reach our destination for the night - Battle Ground, Washington. Yes, we're back in Washington. But I go over some
On day 38 we intended on departing Seaside, but I decided to take advantage of the good Internet to get some work done. Plus, it was nice sunny day, and we wanted to take advantage of that, too. We took the dogs to visit the beach for a little bit. But we spent the remainder of the day in the camper. We got our lunch from Tacos Locos, and dinner from Angelina's Pizzeria. Both very good food and
Day 37 we arrive in Seaside, Oregon. We spend the day visiting the beaches (and being very caught off guard by the tides). We explore Seaside Beach, Cannon Beach, and Indian Beach. We got to see the magnificent Haystack Rock in person - which Robin was very excited about because she loves The Goonies. We tried looking for the light house, but it was completely concealed by the fog - the amount of
The second part of our 36th day, we do some exploring around the Savage Streams Campground and I give it a fair review. ;-) Then, we head on down the 101 toward Seaside, Oregon - visiting, one last time, Ruby Beach. We were anxious to see how much the tide had changed from earlier in the day. We also discover that even though State and National campgrounds may say they are closed on their
After spending the night at the very interesting Savage Streams Campground in Forks, on day 36 we headed through the rainy and foggy weather further down the 101 in Olympic National Park, and we explored the surreal Ruby Beach. Washington sure is full of lots of beautiful and otherworldly landscapes. I've really enjoyed our stay in Washington so far, and I'm exciting to see what else it has in
So, the 3rd part of our 35th day, I focus in on the repairs that were made on our camper while we visited Olympic National Park. At the repair shop in Port Angeles, they did they're job as they were supposed to, but I left my Geo Pro with them anticipating on spending about $175... I came back and the bill was about $225. Which, really, $50 isn't that big of a deal... but what was concerning was
So the second part of our 35th day, we drop the camper off to get some repairs done, and then make our way to the Olympic National Park. It was one of the most spectacular places I have ever been to. I couldn't quite capture the true beauty of it, but I tried my best. ;-) If you're ever in Washington, make sure you visit this phenomenal rainforest. On another note, I compare Walmart brand shoes
For the first part of the 35th day, I take some time to give you guys an update on how the WiFiRanger and the weBoost have been working for me... neither of which have anything very good to report on. I also talk about what I've discovered is the best way to power our camper, and, spoiler: it's not using solar. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: http://... Check out our
So on day 34, I discover that, the night previous when I had to make a U-turn, I ended up damaging two of the campers stabilizing jacks. I also noticed the spare tire underneath the camper is no longer sitting flush with the frame, but I don't see any apparent damage that is causing it. Probably just another thing breaking on the camper, all by itself. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda
Our 33rd day was spent traveling to Olympia, WA, and along the way we went ahead and stopped at the Tacoma RV Center - doing some wishful RV window shopping. We have been so disappointed and frustrated with the Rockwood Geo Pro. I have stumbled across so many issues with the Geo Pro 19FBS... I am very regretful that I went with this camper. So, we looked at a Winnebago. It weighs only 500lbs
So part 2 of our 32nd day focuses on the time we spent on Bainbridge Island. We went and hiked in the beautiful Grand Forest - it was a very whimsical place. Then we ate dinner Isla Bonita, which we actually thought was really good. We explored the city a bit, but it was late and so we didn't get to enjoy it as much, so we definitely recommend checking it out during the day. Regardless, it was a
For out 32nd say, we wanted to take the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge. Before we did that, though, we headed back to Pike Place Market and got some more delicious cheese from Beecher's Handmade Cheese. Robin and I also had some fun with a giant Connect 4. ;-) Then, as we wait to board our vehicle on the Seattle–Bainbridge Ferry, I share some Downtown Seattle parking tips that we've discovered
We've been away from home for a full month now, and on the 31st day of our trip, we take a leisurely adventure exploring the Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle, Washington. We enjoy looking at all the interesting stores, and checking out the variety of cuisine available at the Farmer's Market. And of course we stop by the Market Theater Gum Wall - which I don't get the appeal at all. Some of
On the 30th day of our adventure, we visit the renowned Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. Before our scheduled tour of the Space Needle, we check out the Alweg Monorail and explore downtown Seattle. We discover plenty of interesting finds along the way. The Space Needle was a little anxiety provoking for me, but otherwise it was a spectacular experience. :-) Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a
Well it's official: Rockwood engineers are a bunch of idiots. Why would they put something with a breaker behind a panel that is not really meant to be accessible? I'm so done with this camper. But unfortunately, I'm stuck with it. I can only begin to imagine what other feats of marvelous engineering on this camper will bite me in the butt down the road. This is how I spend day 29 of our enjoyable
On our 28th day of being on the road, we just pass through Idaho due to weather. We need to get to Seattle sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, I discover that the camper steps have started to pull up from the wafer board floor, so we have to stop and fix that. And as a note: there really is no usable warranty on these campers unless you take it back to the dealer you bought it from. I express