Come join my family and I on our many adventures and follow Robin on her weight loss journey. I post tutorials and reviews on various subjects such as Premier Pro, the GoPro, Hotel Reviews, etc. You will also find covers that I have made using my Tyros 4, as well as original compositions.

The Johnny O Show


This video is a quick review of my install of the MicroAir EasyStart 364 RV Rooftop soft starter in my Rockwood Geo Pro's A/C unit. I then do some benchmarks to see how long I can run off of my Westinghouse Generator WH2200iXLT. Then I move on to mounting my RotopaX gasoline tank to the trailer's bike rack.

This configuration works great and will cost around $800

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QT. #6 Complete Generator Setup for Your Camper Under $825

It's almost been 2 months since we've gotten to just get together with Autumn and Mike like this. Just spending the day trying some liquor, talking about stocks and showing off my set of genuine silver coins, and discussing me and Mike's little talk show, Just 2 Guys. :-) Then we attempt to chop some wood. Because that's what you do, when you have nothing to do ;-) Subscribe: http://... Check
In this video, I very *passionately* give what's been my experience with the Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBS... and it hasn't been a good one. I've discovered the warranty is worthless because the service center at the RV dealership I purchased from did nothing to help fix the numerous issues with my camper. So, there was really no point in buying a brand new travel trailer. Subscribe: http://... Check
Our good friend Josh graduated and had a great beach-themed party. Lots of good times with family and friends - food, donuts, dancing and musical chairs. Congratulations, Josh! We're proud of you. :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: https://... #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #stayhome #withme #classof2020 #graduation #homevideo #musicalchairs #dance #beach
Day 75 was the final day of our long excursion - we didn't quite make it 12 weeks, it was an 11 week trip. But it was definitely an adventure; 9,405 miles, visiting 10+ states. We left on the 12th of September, and arrived home on November 26th. We can't wait for the next one. :-) Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook:
On our 74th day, while in Garden City, KS visiting Robin's mom, I took on the project of winterizing the camper. So, in this video I give you all the tips and recommendations I have to offer. Hopefully you'll find this helpful if you own a Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBS and are wanting to winterize it. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://...
The 73rd day of our trip we depart from Las Vegas, New Mexico, where we stayed in a massive Walmart parking lot the night previous. So if you're ever in the Las Vegas, NM area, the Walmart is a nice quiet place with good cell service. :-) Then we get on the road again and make our way to Garden City, Kansas. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: http://... Check out our site:
Our 72nd day is also our last day in our old home, Arizona. We picked up some souvenirs in Sedona before heading to Flagstaff one last time. The break cable to our camper got cut so we had to go get it repaired in Flagstaff - it was a little nerve-racking to drive from Sedona to Flag with out emergency breaks. Then we got one last coffee from Wicked AZ, and we picked up a Snickers bar from the
Day 70 of our trip we were rained out and didn't leave the camper, so that takes us to day 71. It's another leisure day, we take a drive to Phoenix - Robin gets her hair cut at SALON RO5, and then we ate dinner at one of our all time favorite restaurants Hula's Modern Tiki. We were disappointed to see it had changed locations since the last time we were here... I was really hoping to revisit that
Our 69th day was spent riding a train. We went to Clarkdale, AZ and got to enjoy the sights on the Verde Canyon Railroad. We made some new friends who knew some of our old friends, ;-) and we had a really nice time. Then for dinner, we stopped at Plaza Bonita in Cottonwood. Plaza Bonita used to be a favorite in Flagstaff but since it's no longer in business there, we wanted to try out the one in
The 68th day of our trip we toured around Sedona a bit before we headed back to Flagstaff for a trip down memory lane. We visited all of our previous homes there, and we visited our favorite Mount Elden. And we got coffee at our all time favorite Wicked AZ Coffee shop. It was a nice day reliving some old memories. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: http://... Check out our
On our 67th day, we went back to our old home, Flagstaff, to make some new memories with some old friends. It was a lovely day spent with my favorite singing partner. :-) For dinner we went to an old favorite, Fratelli Pizza. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: https://... #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #stayhome #withme
Our 66th day was a leisurely one, and we take a tour of the Sedona Pines Resort. It's very modest and quaint, but we like it a lot. And I'm just happy to be back in Arizona. :-) We ate dinner at the restaurant located at the resort, Bella Vita Ristorante, which was a little pricey, but very good. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://...
Our 65th day was a travel day, going from Ventura, CA to Sedona, AZ. We really miss Arizona, and I consider it to be our home... and it's a very bittersweet feeling to be going back, especially without the girls. Our first stop in Arizona was in Phoenix, at one of our favorite restaurants - Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. We highly recommend stopping there whenever you're in Phoenix. We finally
The 64th day of our trip was also our final day in California. We started in Morro Bay and worked our way down the Pacific Coast Highway. We visited Morro Bay state park, and other stops along the Pacific Coast hwy all the way to the Pismo area. Then we got back on the 101, and stopped to visit the beaches at Goleta, as well as Santa Barbra. Then we ended up in Ventura, CA, where we had dinner and
Day 63 was a beautiful drive through Big Sur. We took our time and enjoyed the view. We stopped at the Elephant Seal Vista Point, which was our favorite and definitely recommend you stop there on your way through Big Sur. We ate dinner at the Mexican grill Chapala in Morro Bay, which was very good... Then to end the day, we got a spot at the Morro Strand RV park, and took a night walk on the Morro
I have made this chart showing the confirmed Coronavirus cases for the top 20 counties in Great Britain. Along with a line graph. I hope this helps those people that are not quite getting how fast this is moving! I know there are other racing bar charts out there like this, but I have made this chart showcase the top 20 counties in Britain. The US is NOW the most infected. Everyone needs to